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The Big Bang

The Big Bang

A couple of years ago, Tophat London was nothing but an idea. An idle daydream that was surrounded by questions and trepidation. Now, today, Tophat London is a fully functioning business with products, staff and totally ready for loyal customers.

The last few months have been a real test of our patience with a couple of setbacks, but with an attitude like ours, anything is possible. The word is spreading and we have been receiving great feedback and reviews from all corners of the globe. The website is functional, our systems are ready for transactions, our products are top standard. We’re ready to open the doors to you, the most important part of all.

Welcome to the Weekday Wardrobe

So what’s on the menu? We have five different high quality shirts for you to choose from. Already our most popular, we have Chaplin, a piece made with subtle royal blues and a eye catching texture. There’s Arthur, a shirt that boasts white dots upon a muted blue background. For the daring, there’s Carrington with its unique polka dot pattern that you’ll find nowhere else. For the formal occasions, or just to look smart, there’s Watson. For those who really want to stand out, we have Rufus, with its captivating colours and circles. Why not take a closer look here

But Wait, There’s More…

We’re not just selling shirts. We’re selling pocket squares, too. Every single one of our beautiful shirts has a pocket square that compliments it perfectly. They’re made of silk and are handmade in England. We’re very proud. See them for yourself! 

First Class

FREE* Next day delivery comes as standard to all Tophat London products, so you’ll never have to wait long to wear what you bought. Not only that, but our shirts are presented to you in a high quality velvet bag. It’s also worth mentioning that we also ship around the world.

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