Tophat London

The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

Start the timers, mark the calendars and get the party hats ready because we’re almost ready to launch. We’re finalising designs, putting products together, making sure everything is up to scratch and are working long into the night. We’re surrounded by alluring patterns, we’ve snagged the top fabrics and made mighty strides in making everything great for you.

Back to Square One

A bit of news for you: at one time, we had our pocket squares produced in another country. We thought we’d change that and move things back to Blighty. We’re getting our pocket squares digitally printed in Sussex and then sent back to London for the finishing touches. This won’t affect the quality of our pocket squares at all, if anything, we’ve upgraded them before we’ve even launched. Nifty.


 On The Hunt…

We are currently scouting for shops, boutiques, stalls and all in between in London to stock our shirts. We know that shopping online is fun and all, but when it comes down to it, actually feeling the shirt, and the superior material it’s made from, really seals the deal.

Crystal Clear

If you took a look behind the scenes of Tophat London, you’d see how we’re really pushing for transparency. We’ve decided to convey this information to you through easy-to-follow diagrams. It’s a nice visual way to display how we do things.

When we launch (which is soon!), you’ll be able to see beautiful diagrams on every single product page, which means you’ll see what penny goes where. We think this will show you how much you’ve saved, compared to shopping on the crowded, overpriced high-street. 

And Finally…

There’s not much else to say that we haven’t said already. We’re launching soon, you’re going to love what we’re selling and we’re going to be this transparent always. That’s a promise.

See you soon!

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