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#BrandsWeLove : Eve Mattress

#BrandsWeLove : Eve Mattress

#BrandsWeLove is our monthly feature that showcases our favourite brands. It will include brands that are making a real impression and doing something unique in their industry. We have been following them and they have been inspiring us since Tophat London began.  

Today, we are featuring Eve Mattress. Eve created a mattress that they say is "simply beautiful and beautifully simple, and available to everyone at a surprisingly fair price".

So, picture the scene - It's 5pm on a Thursday afternoon and you're about to finish work. The plan of going out to the pub with old friends that was organised two weeks ago is starting to sound like the ultimate chore. You were really keen this morning. What happened? Anyway, we have all been in this situation. Now, all you want to do is go home, eat dinner, binge watch a few episodes on Netflix and pass out. 

This is where Eve comes into play. If you haven't seen an Eve advert on your sweaty tube commute yet, you need to check them out. 

The Mattress is premium memory foam, at an affordable price. The eve balances comfort, coolness, durability, and just the right amount of bounce. It took four years of optimisation, customer feedback and 70,000 prototypes to create this mattress. That is real dedication.

After having a quick browse of their impressively positive reviews, their mattress seemed to be having a great effect on the mood of their customers, and curing their back pain. So it looks like all that effort was obviously worth it. 

The main reason why we featured Eve is because they recreated and modernised something that hasn't really changed much over the years, despite the advances in technology and the changes to our lifestyles. The quality of our sleep is rapidly getting worse because we are too busy on the internet scrolling through new feeds, watching vines and reading blogs. 

Also, it's the little things that are actually a big contributing factor that makes a business great. It's the little things that brands like Eve do to make life easier; like a 100-night trial to see if you like it, free delivery and returns. 

Alongside the product and the "little things", they are at the top of their game with customer service, which is so important in modern business and something other companies (yeah, you Vodafone) just can't do. A friend recently ordered an Eve Mattress and when there was an issue with the courier my friend said, "Their live chat customer service was boom, sorted it out straight away". Translated, this means friendly, responsive and a personal level of customer service. 

Eve is a prime example of the many small businesses understanding their industry and their customers over their larger competitors. We hope you are looking forward to small business domination just as much as us.






Tophat London has not been compensated financially nor received any free products from the brands featured in #BrandsWeLove. 

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