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Declutter Your Brain

Declutter Your Brain

We are constantly surrounded by content. Thanks to our smartphones we are seconds away from distractions at any one moment. 

It’s time to have a mental breakdown.

Not the kind of mental breakdown you think I am talking about. The kind of breakdown when you categorise all your tasks, jobs and objectives into one list.

Running my own business, mental breakdowns are part of my daily routine. 

Above you can see how I categorise the marketing for Tophat London.

Below, you can see my breakdown for life admin - washing, shopping and cleaning- yes all that necessary “fun” stuff!

There is nothing like a good mental breakdown.  

You need to make sure you don’t try and do too much at once. If you decide to have a breakdown - do it properly!

Be realistic. 

Once you've completed your breakdown, it's time to go to work. Yes, this is the hard part. The important thing is stay on schedule and stick to your deadlines.

There are always task or issues that require priority. That's fine.  Add them in and adjust the rest of your tasks accordingly.

Don't worry about slipping out of your “robotic” routine. It’s a good reminder that you are still human. Things get in the way, like going out for drinks on a Thursday night out and wiping out any creative based tasks the next day. Whatever the reason, you can’t let it stop your flow.

You need to keep motivated. If you miss a few tasks, reassess, reorganise and get it done. Then enjoy the feeling of having tasks ticked off and saying DONE in your head, which is just so damn good.


Breakdown Tips :

1. Wrap up your week and prepare for Monday. This is something I find very important and helps you switch off over the weekend.

2. Any tasks outstanding on a Friday afternoon that can wait until next week - move them.

3. Don't leave anything overdue. There is nothing worse than being an unorganised mess after another weekend quickly flies by and you are sat at your desk working out what needs to be done. Setup Monday's tasks on Friday afternoon so you can come in Monday morning knowing exactly what needs to be done. 


A little off topic, but I take note of my hours. I use a countdown timer on my phone because I feel from a psychological point of view, it helps put the pressure on and makes me feel like I am running out of time so I better get my work done.

I would love to hear your comments and any tips to manage your time for efficiently. 



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