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The Best Dressed Men in the Best Films

Kingsman : The Secret Service

An effortlessly cool movie that had a fantastic score, stunning visuals and a fashion sense that made us envious. Three piece suits, top quality shoes, bespoke spectacles, all with a genuine polite British undertone. We love Kingsman, and we think you will do.

Tophat London Blog - Kingsman

Iron Man 

Tony Stark is Iron Man, but it's not just the robot suit he wears that we're jealous of. Tony is rarely seen out of a Tom Ford or a form fitting Nike athletic top. Tony is proof that you can balance your work wardrobe but not compromise your personal look.

Tophat London Blog - Iron Man

James Bond

How could we not mention 007? We've seen James wear everything from scuba gear to a bright white ski suit, but it's his wardrobe we're more interested in. There's not a designer brand James hasn't put on. 007 isn't just a top agent, but he's a top fashion icon.


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