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Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Travel is something most of us enjoy, except for the packing. A pre-travel ritual is a time to take five and bring out the lists. A moment of silence occurs as your thinking face is in full force while you ask yourself, What do I need to pack?

As there is no universal “one size fits all” answer as it depends on where, how and why you are travelling. However, there is common ground. These are the travel essentials.

We got together at Tophat HQ and put on our own thinking faces to come up with our travel essentials for any type of trip.

Feeling Fresh - Wherever you are, you always need to stay fresh. This is why your wash bag filled with the tools for keeping your teeth, body and face feeling fresh is essential. 

Banishing Boredom - Whether your journey time is 10 minutes or 10 hours, you need to be entertained. So, it's time to grab your phone, laptop, tablet, headphones and most importantly, chargers. However, you could just ditch all the electronics and pick up your favourite book. Then again, a book doesn't have Netflix.

Last but not definitely not least are your tickets and passports. You are probably thinking these are just too obvious, but 1 in 10 holidaymakers admit forgetting their passports, and yes guys it is you who forgot more than women. So go ahead and put the passport in your bag now and make sure it's not expired!



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