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Why you should be drinking from trees.

Why you should be drinking from trees.

The healthy drink trend started with Innocent smoothies. That had and continues to have a good run, but then coconut water was introduced. Now, coconut water has had it's time and we must pave the way for tree waters. We spoke to Clara Vaisse at Sibberi who harvest and sell birch, maple and bamboo water to teach us more about tree water.

What inspired you to start Sibberi?
The success of coconut water was the inspiration for looking into natural food as a business idea. Now, as for the idea itself, it all came from a friend who was modelling in Milan at the time. As we were catching up over coffee, she laughed when we asked how was life eating kale and drinking coconut water. Apparently all models in Milan were drinking birch sap as they believed coconut water had too much sugar. She told us how the Russian models had put together special networks to collect the sap direct from the trees in Siberia. She also told us how annoying it was to preserve and how models in Milan were all keeping frozen birch sap in their freezers. Surely if those fought so hard for it, there had to be something special with birch water. We could not find any in the UK, so we embarked on a quest and went to Latvia where we managed to find fresh birch sap for the first time. As soon as we tried we knew we had to share with everyone.


How long does it take to get water from the tree to the bottle?

We source most of the water from Latvia and Lithuania where it’s a tradition to drink tree sap. The sap flows out of the tree at an average yield of 5 litres a day. We set up aseptic bags in the forests that we collect every other day, it’s quite a manual process! We then pour the collected water in 200 litres aseptic steel drums that we transport to France where it is finally bottled.


Why is tree water better than normal water?

Tree water is all about finding a way to hydrate that is natural, tasty and low in sugars. Tree water is isotonic, easing the natural hydration process thanks to the right combination of electrolytes. It tastes deliciously crisp and refreshing which is a good incentive to drink more water throughout the day! It’s also extremely low in sugars, on average 4 times less than your typical coconut water and 10 times less than a smoothie.


What is your favourite type of tree water and how much of it do you drink a day?

My favourite type of water is the birch water, I am obsessed with its clean slightly sweet taste. I drink about 1.5 litres a day, I am just realising now I have actually replaced it with my normal water intake!


So, I had it with my breakfast this morning and it went down beautifully. Why not give it a try. 



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