Tophat London


Instead of just telling you our products are high quality like most brands, we want to show you. The #CloseUpQuality campaign gets down to details for a real insight into what a high quality shirt really looks like. 

Removable Collar Stays

Sewn in collar stays can cause a variety of problems. Over time they bend and even melt during ironing. This then causes the collar points to become misshapen and can even damage the shirt. Collar stays can be removed before dry cleaning or ironing and then replaced when you are ready to wear. All of our shirts have removable collar stays to keep your collar looking sharp and flat against your shirt. 


Hem Gusset

A hem gusset can be found at the bottom of a shirt. It is an extra piece of fabric that reinforces the joints where the front and back of the shirt meet. It is rare to find this on ready to wear shirts as it requires extra labour and materials. This is standard on all Tophat London shirts. 


Split Yoke  

The yoke of a shirt is the area under the collar, that runs from shoulder to shoulder and holds the shirt’s backing over the body. A split yoke adds strength and flexibility to keep you comfortable all day while prolonging the life of your shirt. 

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