Tophat London


The EXILED BRIT - Fashion Blogger

 "I have found something in these shirts that I haven't felt before and that's the way they make ME feel" 
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HIGH STREET GENT - Menswear Blogger

"If you’re looking for a stunning shirt that you can style in several occasions, you definitely need to pop along over to Tophat London"
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TOMMY JOSEPH - Fashion & Travel Blogger

"The brands unique service begins with their clear and transparent pricing structure. It’s refreshing for a company to be totally honest about how they come to the shirts £65 price tag. It’s a little more than some would pay for a work shirt, but trust me, their shirts are luxury and versatile, so totally worth the investment" 

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MICHAEL84 - Men's Fashion & Lifestyle

 "The fabric is 100% cotton twill and is 2-ply with 100s thread count which gives it it’s soft feel. When wearing the shirt you can really notice the difference in the thickness of the cotton in comparison to a standard cotton shirt"
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